Project Team

The Project team is composed of Charles University employees as well as external experts.

The team has been assembled so as to secure the best possible conditions for the successful realisation of the Project. Participating employees are well experienced in coordination and implementation of projects of EU Structural Funds, Ministry of Education Grants, Czech Science Foundation, as well as EEA and Norway Grants. Members of the team are responsible for their respective areas and the individual activities are designed in order to ensure that all parts of the Project are carried out as effectively as possible.

Project Manager
RNDr. Martin Vlach, Ph.D.

Assistant Project Manager
Bc. et Mgr. Ilona Šimánková

Publicity Manager
RNDr. Karolína Houžvičková Šolcová

Assistant Publicity Manager
Bc. Jakub Viliš

Project Manager and Project Administrator (external supplier)
Fund Consulting
Ing. Jana Feřtková
Ing. Ivana Klepaczova

Financial Project Manager
Táňa Nováčková

Translation of the Project web pages
Mgr. Galina Kiryushina

Project Manager Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
Ing. Lenka Šlitrová