Ministry of Finance representative attends Rotunda lecture

On Wednesday, June 6, vice-dean Dr Martin Vlach guided the students of the University of Third Age on a tour of the Rotunda. The winner of the Designer11 th competition and a representative from Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic were also among the attendees. In his presentation, Dr Vlach spoke about the history of the Rotunda as well as new findings that had emerged from archaeological and reconstruction work on site. Because the construction work is currently nearing its completion, the group was divided into two smaller groups. While one was led by Mr Rafl, the head supervisor of the reconstruction work, who provided his expert commentary, the second was guided through underground spaces of the Lesser-Town Faculty building by Anna Kotěšovcová from Media and Communications Office, FMP CU.IMG_2769

We would like to thank all participants for their interest and engaging questions, and our colleagues for organising the event.